Makes 8-10 Cocktails
Trim the Tree combines the alluring and enjoyable flavors of the holidays. The perfect apples for a Christmas themed cocktail. Lucy Rose boasts a sweet flavor with a hint of berry, beautiful red skin on the inside and naturally red inside. Lucy Glo is tasty and tart with a hint of sweet, has a blushing gold skin and naturally red inside. The cinnamon bear is fun to see in the jar and the redhots are an exciting twist! 
Suggested Spirits: You could add cinnamon schnapps or fire ball to the jar and use it for shots. Bourbon or Spiced Rum would be great to make cocktails.

What's Inside?
Lucy Glo Apples, Lucy Rose Apples, Cinnamon Bear, Redhots, Orange & Infused Pure Cane Sugar. 100% Real ingredients.

Alcohol Not Included.

Trim the Tree