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Fast tips to speed up breakfast making

Do you get tired of having the same thing every morning for #breakfast? Would you like a healthier option but don't have the time to spend standing at the stove? I have a tip for you that will save time in the morning. I like #bacon for breakfast but don't always have the time to make it or want to deal with the mess that it can make. I have now gotten into the routine of making my bacon ahead. I can cook a whole package at one time. Its super easy to do!

  1. Gather a 11x17 pan or a cookie sheet with sides. Line the cookie sheet with aluminum foil. (I use the heavy duty foil) Then you will need a cooling rack, mine just happens to just about fit inside the pan.

  2. Grab your favorite bacon. If you look on the back of the package it will tell you at what temp and hold long to cook it. Cook it to your desired crispness. I leave mine a little less crispy because when I warm it in the microwave it then gets to the crispiness I like. I overlap my strips ever so slightly that way I can get the whole package on that one tray.

  3. When it is to the crispiness of your liking then take it from the oven and place the strips on some paper towel to help blot up the grease. Now you can store it in a zip lock bag in the refrigerator until you need to use it.

I hope this tip help with your #morningroutine. Stop back for the rest of my breakfast making tips!

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