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Est: 2020



Maybe you ask yourself what is jelly? Jelly is all the goodness and flavor of the fruit with out all the seeds and pulp. Our jelly is completely clear. If you love a certain fruit but not the seeds, then jelly is what you're after!


Butters are amazing! Because they are made in small batches when the fruit is ripe there are limited quantities available and when they are gone...they are gone until next year!  When we make our fruit butter only the best ingredients gets used. All the fruit is at their peak ripeness and gives you the best flavor. We source the honey that some of our butters contain from a local bee keeper. The fruit is cooked down, pureed, and sweetened just a touch. So, if you are looking for a lower sugar option the fruit butter may be a good choice. Fruit butters are cooked low and slow for quite a few hours until they are nice and thick. Typically, there is no added pectin, just what is natural in the fruit itself. 

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