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I am Breanne Cedar and I have always had a love for cooking. I have dabbled in canning in the past but never considered it a full time job until 2020. I was looking for something to add to my farmers market stand while I waited for my produce to grow. It just happened to be strawberry season at the time, so I thought why make some jam? Well the strawberry jam sold out the first market and as they say the rest is history. Well, here I am a two years later and LOVING what I do. I take great pride in the jams, jellies, and butters that I make. They are all made in small batch sizes and I only use the fruit when it is at the ripest point for the BEST flavor! I try to pick the fruit myself as often as possible. My mother and my husband are great sports and help me with this task. For the fruit that I can't get local, I try and source from the farm if possible. So, when the fruit is out of season I stop using it and therefore quantities are limited in all the flavors that I produce. I hope that you can taste the love and care that I cook with! Thank you for supporting my love of cooking and making great tasting jams, jellies and butters!

I have added a new product to my Cedar Farm Creations line. I am now making cocktail infusions. My mom went to visit relation in Michigan the spring of 2021. They go to their local farmers market quite frequently and discovered craft cocktails. They of coarse had to try them and you guessed it they were a huge hit!  Well, knowing that I am working with all different kind of fruit they looked at my mom and said, take these home to Breanne and tell her they will make a great addition to what she is doing.  And there you have how my craft cocktails were born. They will make a great gifts for that hard to buy for person, would be wonderful for weddings, or parties, and great for just because I want to try them!